A service in China for importers and exporters
Our Group has its foundation in China and we specialize in providing services to importers and exporters.
We have two sales offices in China, one is located in Zhejiang Province, near Shanghai and the other one is in Guangdong Province where the Canton Fair takes place.
Among the countries that we work with, we include: China, USA, Canada, Germany, Russia, Spain, Portugal, England, Italy, France, Holland, Sweden, Switzerland, Austria, Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela, Chile, Ecuador, Peru, Paraguay, Panama, and Costa Rica.
More than 20 years working at an international level give us an experience and reliability that we put at the service of your company.
From now on you can count on all our services, help and advice in order to conduct your business in China.
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Your own office in China
The main idea of our work is that you pretend to have your own office in China and thus operate as well.

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Canton Fair
Invitation Application
Canton Fair invites overseas buyers by two kinds of Invitation, one is called E-invitation and the other is Paper Invitation Card.
With the Invitation, overseas buyers could:
1. Apply for Visa to China
2. Get registered and free entry badge to the Fair.
2nd Floor, Cell 2, Building No.1, Yi'an 2nd District, Jinhua City, Zhejiang Province, China
Tel/Fax: 0086-579-85689939


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2nd Floor,Cell 2,Building No.1,Yi'an 2nd District,Jinhua City,Zhejiang Province,China
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